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More Work on Goliath

Well there has been some progress with the car. I managed to lift the motor onto the ill be easier to put in with the motor out. .249.jpg
Note the gearbox has Kombi drive shaft outputs and hence runs larger stubs from the tranny. This means the clearance between the CV joint is VERY CLOSE - but you don't need much- apparently a small gap remains a small gap- well I am going to find out. rolled and bring it down the cement ramp to meet its future home. Then I remembered what a PITA this motor is to get in- It requires taking off the A1 sidewinder exhaust and then the valve covers( as its sooo wide!)279.jpg
Then once I put it in it needs everything else added
Yes correct- its basically a long-lock minus valve covers- only way I can get it to clearance the body work. I should have a removable rear that would have been a lot easier !!

Any how the Porsche 86 Carerra gauges still light up. The brakes have been bled . The long steering arm shortened- because of the 2 inch narrowed front end - and this gives me more adjustability.
While I am almost ready - I thought I would re-do and re-pack the 944Turbo drive shafts and boots!!166.jpg
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