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Originally Posted by Mikey
Thanks guys. I'm going to spend this weekend putting it in.

Rob, it's a 2.0 Turbo. EJ20T. I'm going megasquirt with the EDIS ignition. I have the computer and the harness already, I just need to buy up the EDIS stuff.

I might end up making a removeable rear apron, I'm not sure just yet, I do know that rear sheet metal needs replaced. It'll be easier just to replace it, it's pitted and bent like crazy. The flat peice on the back, not where the latch sits. It's terible.

I was looking though your site again last night, Trying to decide to reverse the intake or leave it stock. Stock looks a lot cleaner. but I'd have to cut on the firewall. Although I'm not worried about going back stock with this body anyway. And if I turn it around I'd have to relocate the altenator. hmm... choices, choices...

I'd fit the motor first before deciding on how to mount the intake.
Also keep in mind that coolant cross-over. Stock it ends at the rear of the car, which looks kinda akward. (check the earlier motor picks on my site, you see a big black rad hose on one end).
You can flip the manifold, but you will need to reweld the neck since it will hit the bellhousing.

You might need to cut the firewall anyway because of the turbo.

Looking forward to the updates.... I actually spent about an hour on the bug today !! Trying to make up rad hoses.......

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