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Negative! The car can be high, but the closer to the ground the greater the effect of a venturi. To get around this and have sufficient down force you will have to hang a rubber skirt down to direct the air through the venturi. On a street or race car the rubber will eventually wear. I am going to use what is called industrial wall edging. It goes around the wall where it meets the floor to give a clean look in a factory. It is stiff, cheap, and readily available at Lowes or Home Depot. It is usually vinyl and about 1/8 inch thick.
Think of a venturi )( and then draw it on the bottom of your car.
])([ The )( part goes from the forward two body mounts on each side to the rear of the wishbone. AH crap I wish I could draw this as it is simple as dirt. Anyway you would pop rivet 1/2 inch aluminum angle in to the proper curve to the pan then pop rivet the vinyl to the aluminum letting hang down to the gound. You should trim the vinyl a little, but it will wear down as you drive the car till it is perfect. Warning the waist or narrow part of the venturi must be about six inches foward of the jack mounts. The jack mounts are the CG of the car and the max down force should be before them to keep the front end on the ground.

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The ][ is the edge of the pan.
This is still not a clear picture, but I hope it is better than before.
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