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not a lot to report - waiting for my chassis to come back from blasting/coating (ABS blastic/Perfect Coatings Bedfordshire) before i can really get stuck in building it up! The bolt on panels are on to get them out of the way! Started building the doors up and dug out my mint condition padded dash from under my bed

have had some nice rear caliper brackets made up front ones are in the process of being done. 944 front hubs have been machined for my dropped spindles.

and a pic of some of the stuff thats just come back from being coated

had a few geuine type iv rocker covers coated.

keeping a couple of sets of myself but may sell some if any interest

and my steering wheel which will match my dash pretty well. as far as i can tell its pretty damn rare. ive tried searching the internet to find more about it and only found a couple of threads of people tryin to find more out about them lol

some progress is better than no progress

if anyone is interested in having some 996 caliper brackets made for 944 turbo arms with 996 discs please let me know as i may have a batch made if there is enough interest


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