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New Remmele Type 4 Billet CNC Heads "Light Version"

Edi Remmele asked me to post some data and pics of his new "light version" type 4 heads. More to the weird name later. We hope you like them!
The heads are completely made in house. They are completely billet. The heads are sold complete including: seats, 47x42 nimonic valves,guides,springs,retainers,keepers and cnc billet valve covers.
They are 1,8kg heavier than a stock cast type 4 head.Out of the box they flow 264cfm @25". Another important feature is there are holes to cool the head studs and between the cylinders. You can bolt on a type 1 exhaust system of your choice without modification. I would suggest a good flowing header i.e. WASP, A1,Lummus,etc.
There are 2 versions of this head depending on your application.The one described here is the larger version 2 with the 47x42 valves and larger ports. The other version 1, has a bit smaller ports and valves. The version 2 heads are not available below a 100mm bore. 103mm and 105mm are preferred.
Price for either version is 2.490.- Euros.

They are called "light version" because Remmele also has a billet CNC replacement for his large heads that are 2 piece heads. They are not available as a seperate set,only available with the purchase of an engine. They are bigger and flow well over 300 cfm@25". All the cnc billet heads are designed for street use! Type 1 CNC Billet Heads will follow soon, the CNC Programming is in process. The type 1 heads will be very similar to the type 4 "light version" heads.

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