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Thanks Randy,but those are not mine! I will have the "big heads" soon,which are 2 piece heads. Here are my heads: These pics are a little older about 4 months,I donīt have any current pics. Some of the specs: 2 piece billet heads,cooling fins are 20mm to 40mm deep and enclose the entire head, rocker studs are 8mm thick 12.9 grade and are 7mm longer than stock,one piece bolt on rocker arm "bridge" which makes shimming much easier and has more stability,cooling fins enclose the intake port completely to add more cooling, cooling of the studs,Beryllium valve seats and guides, 52x42 nimonic valves or 48x42 nimonic valves (titanium also available),103mm or 105mm bore only. They share a cnc valve cover which has an o-ring seal and there is an O-ring seal between the heads at the rocker box. My engine is a 102x71 but my Deutz cylinders (not the engine in the pic) have the same outside diameter.

Why 2 piece? Better clamping pressure and cylinder to head seal for engines that have extreme cylinder pressures (for a future billet engine project),even better cooling than the light version and in case of damage,only 1 half of the head can be replaced and of course also,easier to produce than a 1 piece head with the same features.
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