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Hi Flintstones,
100hp/liter naturally aspirated could be done with these heads (both versions) and still remain reliable as far as temperatures are concerned.Currently there is a hillclimb racer with a Remmele 3 liter and the old cast heads with type 1 style exhaust ports. He is pumping out 362 bhp and 350NM torque,naturally aspirated fuel injected.Those heads have about the same flow and performance as the new one piece "light version". But again out of the box for street use,these heads are designed to give 250bhp reliably,which means daily driving. That is the main concern. Cast heads will cause problems eventually running an engine above 75hp/liter and the cost to repair them and the additional machining and port work,welding etc. makes them expensive and they are still inferior in performance and reliability. The 2 piece heads,are designed for extreme engines with high rpm and high cylinder pressure and above 2800ccm. Thanks for all the comments!

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