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Originally Posted by 70Turbobug View Post
Hi Francelle,
The O-ring won't leak or harden,because it is silicone based. There is no movement in that area. They are 2 piece mainly to achieve more cooling. An individual head provides more equalized clamping pressure due to the offset type 4 studspacing. To achieve cooling like that,there is no other possibility because there is no other way to machine it.

Hi, most valve covers gaskets are of some kind of silicone additive. I work daily on diesel engines that use a kind of silicone seal, and they are in the shop due to oil leaks. Yes, the seal is still pliable and rubbery but they still leak. I find it hard to understand why Remmele is taking this route. Will the seals have any type of groove on both receiving areas? No doubt the heads look like they will fit the bill,I don't want to be the harbinger of bad advice but, being in a horizontal position it's just a matter of time before the leaks show them selves..
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