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I agree with everyone. I mean each person has what they like and there is no way that any car will fit into just one "look". If we all did that it would be bland and boring.

Take me for example, I have a GTI engine in my car... what "look" is that? I have the 'one-piece' windows in my doors, so that's a bit of Callook in it... and so on.

In the early 80's the AMG company would take a baby-benz and put a huge motor in it, 17" wheels, and a mono scheme paint job... to me that was the pure beginning of the "Euro-look".
My Bug is basically this idealology but with a VW/Porsche based car. I don't use any other parts that don't come off a VW, Porsche, or Audi.

I tried to sumerize it above but I think Vujade did a better job with his statement, "German Look to me is the utilization of modern parts on our cherished old VW's".

Bren (I like your car and this is not a shot but an example), to me your car is not Germanlook. Your car, to me, is Callook with some Eurolook wheels. I don't consider anything other than (944 non-turbo at least) Porsche brakes to be euro or german "look". On that same note I'll be the first to admit that these brembo brakes are MAJOR overkill and the Type I (Ghia based) disc brakes are fine. My Dad's '66 'Vert (IRS pan with discs) stops on a dime.

When I started my "Super Volkswagens" site years ago and when Brian (STF owner) made me a forum for it I named it "Eurolook" due to the fact that Germanlook (even though that is what my car is/will be) is a nice style but if we conformed to that all our cars would look the same. Bren's car is a good example of "Eurolook" and a nice look. Back in the day Motor Trend magazine use to call the AMG cars the Eurolook style and that is where I got that term.

I guess my point is that none of our cars are just one certain look and we all define things differently. What one considers callook the other may call it eurolook, etc. Our cars each have their own style and individuality. Don't build your car to please a judge at a show or a group of peers. Make your car however you'd like and even make your own look or style!
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