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I just bought a 74 pan for my 64 bug and I am going to replace the floor pans with sheet metal just flat as I do not need the extra head room provided by the lower area of the floor pan. I am installing racing seats that sit low. What I am planning on doing is building 3 or 4 sections of flat sheet metal probably aluminum for weight to have a completely smooth underpan. Removing the floorpans will give me a smooth flat pan all the way back like a RC car. I am also installing a 13b Turbo rotary inback and plumbing it for the rad up front. sence my motor will not need the air to cool it I am going to inclose the bottom of the engin bay too. I am going to run some small channels in back to create a defuser ie down force. right before the transmission on each side I am going to install two naca ducts to feed the tranny with air. up front I am going to have a small spoiler to draw air to the radiator. Next installing two channels forcing air to the side for the brakes. I will also do the same in the back to direct air to the rear brakes. The front and rear sections will be removable for service on the suspenstion and engin. This should reduce drag under the car and give a bit of down force at the rear. I may go as far as cutting out part of the rear apron to create a real difuser.
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