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Thanks guys!

On the TB's it looks like each throttle is independent (butterflies don't share a common shaft) My guess is it's one hell of a throttle cable splitter! Nice linear bearings on it as well.
Exactly! The 3rd pic is the junction box" where the 4 cables from the TBīs come together.The slide in the middle has ballbearings and slides on a shaft.I still need to get a CB Plate and housing.A friend of mine offered to make me housings from carbon fiber,but Iīm not sure if I can get them to seal properly i.e. not be able to put much clamp pressure at the junctions.

Hi 70Turbobug and welcome.

That spec has the makings of a very quick motor.

I note you are going with a Uniball rear suspension and coilover. Why are you getting rid of the torsion bars, are you intending to race the machine?
Thanks! Occasionally I will race it. You are right about the brace.I will have one made out of steel.I had a CSP aluminum brace and I believe they are too soft.Not because itīs aluminum,but because it is cheap aluminum.The torsion bars will not be used at all and are not installed.This allows the suspension to move more freely and independantly.

You can just easily use a $200,- set of Mahle type 1 pistons, which are sort-of forged and very light weight too. They are twice as good and cost near nothing wrt this project.
and don't give me crap about the 'compression ratio' with the flat tops
Hi Wally! Well itīs hard to argue against that I guess and you are more than likely right. I had my eye on a set of Wisecoīs from JayCee advertised on VW parts unlimited for 350 Dollars.Using the stock pistons may cause a bit of misunderstanding but let me explain why I chose this way.The main enemy is temperature and rpm.A cast piston doesnīt trap the the heat as much as a forged piston.A forged piston is better for high rpm due to the denser material.I will be using piston oil squirters and will be running on E85 only and I have an efficient turbo and Intercooler.Iīm optimistic that it will work out fine.Armin Klein also runs stock pistons in his 2 Liter turbos with great success on pump gas and blasting around the A1 ring at 1.8 bar all day (had a hole in his WG senseline) and the temps didnīt move away from normal values.Itīs a risk I agree,but Iīm not going to be revving that high eventhough the specs suggest it.

I noticed the Remmele front uniball suspension setup ... do you have a pic of that ?
Hi Sandeep! I donīt have the suspension put together yet.My Beam is getting powder coated.I will take some pics of the parts this week.
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