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Originally Posted by 70Turbobug View Post
Thanks guys!
Thanks! Occasionally I will race it. You are right about the brace.I will have one made out of steel.I had a CSP aluminum brace and I believe they are too soft.Not because it´s aluminum,but because it is cheap aluminum.The torsion bars will not be used at all and are not installed.This allows the suspension to move more freely and independantly.

I don't agree about the suspension moving more freely. The only advantage to using the uniball set up is the adjustability for a race set up where various springs can be substituted. The torsion bars do allow the loads to be rgidly and efficiently transferred into the heart of the chassis whereas the Cup brace, although fully triangulated, still allows some flex. If this is primarily a road car then the torsion bar set up supplemented with helper springs on coil overs will give you the adjustability you need for the occasional foray onto the track. With this system the light weight alloy cup brace will be more than sufficient to control any residual loads and stiffen the frame horns.

Porsche ran their '70s 934s and 935s with uniball/coilovers not because the torsion bars were deficient but because it saved weight and it gave them a greater selection of spring rates. Neither of those reasons would apply to your bug.

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