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All the points you guys have made are correct and Iīm not arguing against them per say.There are some people that donīt like the Remmele set up - which is fine.To me,itīs a great set up and it does have a few flaws.If I were to improve the suspension I would build a double wishbone suspension instead.That of course is quite a task and to get it street legal here in germany would cost dearly.The bug will primarily be driven on the street,once in a great while on the track.The Remmele set up has itīs weeknesses of course as does any suspension set up.Whether the loads are transfered into the chassis better than the tosion bars,I canīt really say.But it makes a world of difference compared the usual Koni and adjustable beam set up.The car acts completely different and to me, seems more stable especially in fast and bumpy corners.Another reason is the adjustability as mentioned.

Back to the cast pistons: Yes,you all are right! One big reason for knock is high piston crown temperature and chamber temperature,correct? A cast piston will have less temperature overall.Interestingly Corky Bell explains in his "Maximum Boost" Book the advantages of a cast piston vs. a forged piston.Of course there comes a point where the forged piston is needed due to itīs higher density.I may have to switch to forged pistons for that matter.I would like to keep the 24mm wrist pin because the rods are finished.
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