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I guess I won't qualify when I'm done. Despite the planned use of carbon fiber and fiberglass, four-wheel disc brakes, a T4 conversion with a BAS exhaust, lowering all the way around, proper seats, etc., I also plan two "violations":

(1) I'm either going to have a two-toned paint scheme or I may opt to emulate the Sports Bug of 1973.

(2) I'm leaning towards a set of Passat wheels currently offered by VW, although I am still sorting through offsets and bolt patterns, and how they relate to whichever brakes I need.

I will still consider my future 1302/1303 a GLer.


PS - The two-tone paint scheme would be neither a Cal-looker with the side panels painted nor an elaborate French Looker type of pattern or abstract. The primary color will be a 1996 Cabrio only color. I forget the name of the color, but I would describe it as Copper Metallic. I would either let the carbon fiber fenders remain unpainted, or I may opt for Audi's pearlized white. Both I think would look good with smoked taillights if I end up using a 1303 as a platform.

PPS - The Sports Bug theme I would want as an alternative would be the yellow with the stripes. Supposedly it was offered in blue, but I have never seen one in person or as a picture.
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