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>I liked the idea of an international one <

I consider this site to be just that, a world GL community. In my opinion anyway.

Good point hot66! Even in the US I bet you can count ten fingers how many completed GL cars are out there. That I know of at least. Most of us are in the process.

My bus is only half GL right now 944 fronts and stock steel rims on the rear.... Sad!

Zen still has drums on the back... hint hint But basically in the paint shop for a while.

Vujade is working hard. Still collecting parts, but done a lot already.

NoH2O, is just pulling his out and should be the first real GL done in Georgia that I know of.

Chigger is still working on his as well. Granted he has done most all of the hard stuff and is entering the put it all together phase.

We are all innovators and pioneers here and really are a nitch in the ACVW scene... For now...
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