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It's good there are some crazy people like us, who dare to initiate such projectsSteve and Jason, their projects have given me many good ideas and tips. Thanks

In the front i have 1303 past 74 suspension. kw coilovers, Kerscher Anti-Roll Bar front 23mm. And rally welded front/tubeframe. I'm using the old 1302s steering box. And of course, complete set of polyurethane brusings.

In the rear: According to the plan I use everything from mitsubishi front suspension. Subframe, brakes + +. But shock absorbers should I replace whit tein or Íhlins. Due to need adjustment possibilities. I also need to modify the damper, for they have come closer together at the top. Subframe the gto is very good to mount. Since it is screwed together as a unit. With two bolts in front and six on the rear. It is then bolted right in tubeframen. It seems very easy to put it on the lingering with the rest of the car.

In the rear ving: I have intercooler and oil cooler.
vw 1302s gto twin turbo 3000cc
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