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Turbo Goodies $335 - San Antonio, Texas

I'm selling almost everything you would need to turbocharge an aircooled Volkswagen. I am selling the CB Performance "Hideaway turbo header," the T3/T4 hybrid turbocharger, the remote oil filter mount, the intake piping, the blow-off valve, the wastegate, the pressure hats and the AC Autotechnic boost gauge.

The reason I am selling it is because the rear oil pressure relief spring broke, making the oil pressure go through the roof blowing many seals and necessitating an engine rebuild. For money reasons, it will have to be rebuilt naturally aspirated. I believe it also blew the turbo seals, so the turbo will need a rebuild as well. Everything else is in good working order. All of these parts have about 5K miles on them. I am asking $335 for everything. In case you were wondering, these parts would cost more than double if you bought them new.

Thanks for looking!

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