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Originally Posted by Steve C View Post
Aaron is real gentleman, I hope he can help you, if you have no luck with the AVD admin let me know
Hi, I was on the Aussieveeduber site to day. Searching around, I forgot that you Steve have a Subie in a in a bug. So, if you will, allow me to ask question on fitment.

I am aware that you run a 4 cylinder, but, possibly you can invasion, that necessary space for the opposed 6 cylinder.

Question, how much space is left after the install, such as the timing belt cover to the (rearward) engine deck lid closure.

What I noted when I removed my forward/nose cone to body mound about two inches of wasted space. I have a Subaru adapter plate, its about half inch thick. Since its about stuffing it in there, Ill need to shave clearances where I can. As long as the lid closes normally, and it looks good. But no Subaru sounding exhaust notes. I have a three liter type IV in pieces , but it looks like the Subie will win with ease.

I have also been toying with the ideal of, when I split the pan, Ill even remove the frame horn, sort of; I bought a automatic torsion housing, I like the way it looks. And since, when you add various engine/trans; the frame horn seem to be more and more in the way. To a large extent, a inner chassis fender mounting area will have to be made stronger-gusseted anyway. You can't have allot of engine weight and power just hanging out there.

Even with the type IV engine I was going to use the type IV rear mount also. When I split the pan, I'll do a mock up of the automatic verses the frame horn, before I do extensive damage.
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