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24 volt to 12 volt

Hi everyone, does anyone know of a company that can change a 24 volt alternator to 12 volts.

Good evening everyone, I am worried about GERMANLOOK SITE possibly ending, I love this site. Some history on why it has taken me so long in my build. In December of 2012, the United States Internal Revenue Services garnished my wages. They took every two weeks 85% of my net wages. Disregarding their own rules and regulations, if they were lawful, they should have taken a maximum of 15%. This went on for 3 and half years. In October of 2018 they are at it again. I thank Walter for entering a current post. Each of our engines, we want high longevity, the parts cost as much, if not more than building an V-8. One day I was surfing the net and saw a Pinzgear engine, wow that fan was love at first sight. 300mm fan, not 260mm. Yes,yes, Mr. Klaus say you don't need over 240mm fan. I hear raising the copression equals more power. With aluminum cylinders, oil squirters, heat coating you combustion chambers; are needed toward added longevity. Having a fan put out more CFM, should aid in the engines longevity (I hope). I bought the Pinzgear stator ring, I asked earlier in this post about converting 24 volt to 12 volt. I am typing this from my cellphone, pleas forgive my grammar. Please don't let germanlook site slip away.
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