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April 1st.
No joke, it runs and drives super smooth, lots more torq than the Type-1 1904cc..

I started with reamed 47 idle jets reamed to 55. The AFR was good but the engine was not running even on all cylinders.

I measured these jets and they were all differend in size. If I would make them as big as the biggest one the engine would run to rich.

The other jets I have are 52 and 58 Idle jets. The 52 were around 15 and the 58 idle jets around 12 on the AEM Air fuel gauge

I could borrow a jet reamer set from a friend and started to enlarge the 52 idle jets in very small increments until the gauge was showing numbers in the high 13's.
When driving at a constant RPM there was a small dip around 3200 rpm at the transition between the idle circuit and the main jets.
I adjusted the float hight from the starting point of 6mm. to 5.5mm. and the dip was gone.

I will post a youtube link later to show how constant the AFR is from 1000 to 4500 rpm

Very happy with the result.

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