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This section of the site is working again but alot of the pictures in the database were corrupted. If you have a chance, please update your section on the main page, using this link

For a refresher ....

On the main page on the left side you will find a Submissions box. In it there is a "Members Profile" link.
Once you select that it will ask you for forum member ID and password. Only members of the forum are allowed to submit their ride.
Once you authenticated you are able to create your profile with details of your car. After that you are able to upload 4 pictures. Make sure that the pictures are at least 640x480 in size for the best quality. Pictures that are smaller will be cropped to that size decreasing the quality of the picture.

A thread for your ride will be automatically created in this forum.

If you have any questions about it please ask them in this thread.

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