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Blizzard's rolling rebuild of a 1303 1975

Hello, GL fan's. I'm Erik aka Blizzard from the Netherlands. I got this nickname because of my white aircooled rides. Like this '79 vert of mine.

This car is also a project car at the moment.

The chassis is completely done and waiting for the body.

The body is almost ready to be painted.

However, the 1303 in this topic is Black.

I've learned alot about upgrading a bug on this forum. Now it's time to start my own topic here on the GL forum. I already have a topic on a dutch site but there I won't find the right feedback and knowhow Everybody gets here.

In april 2008 I bought the ultimate basis for a GL beetle. A '75 1303.

It was in a bad shape. The front off the chassis was rotten as can be without the wheels falling of. So I replaced the complete front of the chassis. This is not a perfect resto job but a quick fix so I could use this ride as my clubmeeting and test car for brakeconversions and so on.

After that was done the only place that needed some more welding was under the backseat.

That took a few months. The complete car looked like this at the first meeting.

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