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Rear arm complete with driveshaft and disk.

All the parts for the rear suspension before assembly.

The rear suspension and brake parts on the car.

Front is still under construction. This is what I can show you so far.

944 NA spindels with custom bearing bushes for the S2 bearings and a custom bushing to mount the steering rod on the top of the steering arm on the spindel.

I shortened 2 long (LHD right side) steering rods from a regular beetle to use with the 944 NA spindels and a rack and pignon steeringbox which is standard in a '75 super.

On the left is a standard length '75 > steeringrod. In the middle is a shortened rod and on the right the complete custom length rod.

I also made a pair of cradle's to support the new control arm joint while it's pressed in the front controlarm.

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