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a lot of time passed since the last update. Unfortunately I do not have the time I wish to spend, but the progress going on slowly

The Engine grew up a little bit
I changed to the MS230 Cylinder Heads from JP-Motorsport. The bore is now 101.6mm. The Turbocharger is a Garrett GT4294R.
In front of the Engine you can see a tooth-belt drive System for the 3-Stage Dry-Sump OilPump and the mechanical Fuel Pump from Aeromotive which should have a high enough flow rate to feed the Engine with E85

Also I redesigned the Rear-Axle and changed the Rims. Now there are 11x18 285/30 at the rear and 8.5x18 with 225/35 at the front. The heavy GFK Fenders and Hoods are replaced by lightweighted CFK Parts from Remmele:

Sorry I do not have more details at this time. More to be posted later


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