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SilverBullit you have the early arms, We with the late arms don't have the flat area on the trailing arm. Not going to be that easy for us.

Zen, I measured the stock suspension and there is 3-3/4" between the bump stop and the shock tower with the spring plate resting on its stop. That works out to 5" of wheel travel. Also the center of the stub axle is 1.5" higher on the 944 arms than on the VW arms, lowering your car an automatic 1.5". With the 944 suspension one of the places I'm thinking of placing the bs is upside down on a plate of steel between the rear body mount and just on top of the top of the bs plate on th eshock tower. Basicly look at your rear suspension and draw an imaginary line horizontaly from the rear body mount straight back. Then you could cut out the part of the stock arm that holds the bs and weld it to the steel so you could just use standard VW bump stops. Placed there you get 5" of wheel travel.
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