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Hello Baard. I’m a big fan of your car, which got me back into Beetles (and into SuperBeetles and the whole German Look), after a gap of around 10 years. I think your car epitomizes the German Look like no other.

I’ve taken the plunge and found myself a ’74 1303 which I intend to use primarily as a track car – though there’s no harm in looking good as well!

Could you give me a few more details on your car:

Is the DTM shifter still available, and do you have a link to where I might buy one? I can’t find anything on Google.

Likewise the Polo Racing seats; I can’t find a sales link – I could use another brand but yours are very cool with the VW Racing logo. Is access to the rear impossible with these seats fitted?

I’m also interested in your polished roll cage – is it a bolt-in, and where from?

Are the Audi / Porsche Cup wheels different to the regular Cup wheels? And did you have to go through a VW/Audi dealer for these? Don’t have a part number handy, do you?
Oh, and do you suffer clearance problems with these wheels? As I said, I want to use this car on the track, so wheels rubbing on the arches would be a no-no.

Did you manage to find a more discreet (hidden) exhaust system for use with the Type 1 engine?

Sorry for all the questions, but your car has set a benchmark for us all.
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