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Hi Guys!

I have had the same problem as all you guys , but chose a different path. me and my friend sat down and did som massive research about this and came to the conclution that there where no purposebuilt units for our beloved superbeetles. said and done we started up our cad tools to create this ourselves.

Our end product isnīt made out of cheap aluminum alloys from the far east, instead we chose to go local here in sweden, the worlds premium supplier of HIGH GRADE steel. to create our product. We are able to supply this product for you all, comes with all fastening hardware and may be slightly customized if you would like a bit more caster.

Our product is FEM-stability tested and fits the superbeetle perfect. Both pre 73 and later.

contact us via pm if you would be interested in buying high grade swedish craftmanship camberplates/topmounts.

Anders E / Dann W
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