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Originally Posted by owdlvr View Post
Based on the information above a good starting point for me might be a 200lb/in spring. It should be on the slightly stiffer then stock side which *might* be ideal for either my road or gravel setup...but at the very least should be a good starting point for the road, gravel and snow setups. I think.

Can anyone see or suggest something that I'm missing, or perhaps offer some "been there done that"?

Well...I dunno how to compare springs, but I think the above is 'way off'?
I had 300lbs springs ( I assume they are 300lbs/inch?) on the front and that was firm but still very drivable.
Maybe UK lbs are lighter then US lbs?

I now run 400 lbs (uk lbs) on the front (!) and it still compresses (much to my own surprise), drives 'reasonable' hard on the street and is very good on the track
It costed me two extra sets of springs to find this out, so take your advantage
So, my reasoning further was that if 400lbs is good on the track for the front, about 550lbs would be equally good on the rear without torsion bars. Haven't got rear springs yet though ($$).

I do have a slightly heavier car then most and moved quit some weight to the front, so YMMV here as well.
'75 Super.
...because race car!
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