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@Alex. Do you anyhow compensate for the (lateral) free-position of the uniball?
Both during installation and (toe-)alignment, you might induce static preload on the components which could decrease the 'reserve'. The load distribution between the components is not only determined by its geometry, but also by their relative stiffnesses. Especially compared to stock, the lateral stiffness of the setup is much larger. A stock springplate can easily flex in lateral direction and is therefore capable of handling all kinds of suspension irregularities. Since both the uniball housing and bracket have become quite stiff, the stresses will mainly concentrate on the thread which connects both parts. Quality and fabrication type is therefore important for its lifetime, as we all know.

Extending to the overall suspension: Increasing the stiffness of the inner pivot (for instance also a uniball) could maybe help to off-load the outer uniball setup, but at the same time would require more facilities to prevent excessive preload. The same reasoning can be done the other way around.

I am not trying to rant, but just interested in your opinion and general discussion, as you are confident enough to sell these setups. We've seen the pictures of failed uniball setups on this forum, so it is never bad to think about these things before being overwhelmed by those shiny parts .
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