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A strut cartridge designed for a macpherson strut front suspension will have an internal rubber (or similar) disc which keeps the valves from contacting the shock body on full extension. This is also found inside the mono-tube style shocks used on the torsion bar front suspension in a beetle. I can't say for sure if it's found in the design of the rear monotubes (stock style shocks), but it doesn't matter as the stock spring plates keep the suspension from fully extending the shock.

Universal coil-over shocks are designed without any internal protection, and its accepted practice in dirt-track racing that limiters are designed in the suspension linkage for both bottom out and top out. The only shocks I can't confirm are the Fox shocks, as there is nothing online about the requirements. This isn't too surprising though, as there was nothing online about the QA1''s only because I read the materials in the box that I realized.

I will get photos of my limiting straps up soon.

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