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QA1 told me they only ever offered these with 2.5" springs, though someone posted up that their set was using 2.25" springs. QA1 said I could lathe down the perches (They don't sell a 2.25" set for these shocks) but when I did the math there would be so little meat left on the threaded perch I decided against it. The 300lb springs were used for testing/fitting only, as soon as the engine went in I moved to 550's.

9" springs will be a better choice, or even an 8". I'm using 8" 550lbs out back with my 1302. With the 8" length I can swap out the springs without having to remove the axle or anything else. The 9" springs I have just *barely* pop on without issues. I think if they were stiffer then 300lbs I'd have difficulty for sure.

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