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Good info Dave and nice pictures Alex!
Kendy, I think you should probably get used to the idea that a completely modified suspension with coil-overs is just not exactly right the first time and needs adjustments to work as well as you anticipated when you wanted to change from stock.
Buying more then one set of springs is part of that adjustment I think. I ordered an extra set of springs (they don;t cost much btw) two years in a row and I think I have it set now. Sometimes you also need to get used to new springs a little. I changed over back and forth a few times and got a feel for what works best better now.
With a 40/60 weight ditribution (guesstimate) I guess for my car a 600lbs spring theoretically sounds best with my 400lbs front springs, but you never know till you try it. For now, I seem to overpower the 25.5mm rear torsion bars with drag starts. Each application is different is what I am trying to say and multiple sets of springs might just not be avoidable.
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