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Acall for camber plates

Originally Posted by Humble View Post
Okay, here's the deal. I'm getting tired of not finding a good solution for adjustable camber plates in North America. If somebody has some I missed, point them out and I'll add them to the ultimate suspension thread. Why this is so important is that typically lowered supers use modified rabbit struts that had the top of the strut shaft machined to provide extra room for the super beetle strut bearing. This of course means that of the shelf or adjustable struts can't be simply swapped in. What I'm after is a bolt on part that will accept rabbit struts with out modification, so "off the shelf" struts can be used. If I can find a set of plates for less than $250 its a bonus.

Now for anyone with cad design skills I have a special request. If you can design a plate that adds at least 1* caster and has 2* or more of camber adjustment please get me the plans! I have access to a low/high volume manufacturing facility with fully automated machining/assembly capabilities as well as full anodizing in just about any alloy available. I could do as few as 10 sets or 100,000. If there's enough interest I may bankroll the first batch, so we wouldn't have to wait for a group buy.
Hey Humble not sure if these will accept off the shelf Rabbit struts but, I thought I would post you the link anyway regards Graham
gee dub
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