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rear suspension options

hi all. im looking for some good advice on what i should do for my rear suspension. i have a 75 super beetle. i track it from time to time. so when i built the car, i decided to get rid of the rear torsions and use the uniball setup and coilovers. the coilovers i had, the shock body was too long along with using a 2 inch spring also left no room between the irs arm and the cv boot. the coilovers i was using had 550lb. spring rate witch seemed to work good. but after a few miles the lower shock brackets where cracking cause the shock was just in an awkward angle/ more or less bottoming out a lot. so i cut everything out and i plan on redoing it. i would love to find a motorcycle rear shock size as that bacilly bolts up into a beetle with lots of clearance, but finding one with the proper spring rate is almost impossible (been searching for the last 2 days). i want a car thats adjustable. so for simplicity ive pondered just switching back to torsions and getting adjustable spring plates for now, then later get those really nice atom adjustable ones. was also thinking of getting a center torsion adjuster as well for even more adjustability. your thoughts? i guess im asking do it just keep what i got, fab up new shock brackets, and buy shorter shocks and call it a day or put it back to torsion setup?

heres a pic of my car just for viewing pleasure.

here was my old setup...
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