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i measured off stock shock brackets. mine are actually a tad bit higher. i know it looks low but their really not. hoping to start getting things all back together over the next week. new trans, new fuel lines that im switching over from hard line, to all braided lines and a/n fittings.

i looked all over for coilover solutions for squeezing a 2.5 dia spring into the tight space that vw gave us to work with. i even contacted RLR for their sweet all tubular arms, but my pocket book didnt like the $1400 price tag. so i spent a few sleepless nights out in the garage cutting up templates after templates, then it dawned on me that going with a tubular lower mount will work. and so far it looks to have done just that. ill report back with some road time on them.

BTW humble, i would love to work out to meet up sometime next year at either a vw show or heck even a auto-x event since we are both into that sort of thing. id love to get as bunch of US germanlook guys together, but i know thats a shot in the dark. lol
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