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Resurrecting an old thread, I recently stumbled upon Bilstein SG series shocks... Coil over ready.

They come in 3 stroke lengths, take 1 7/8" ID springs, have a 36mm body (Same as Monroe OD but monotube gas) and go for about $70 ea most places.
The coil over spring mount kits are ~$40ish.

The small body and springs means they will fit in stock shock mounts.

Can be had in linear or digressive valving in just about any valving spec.

They are not rebuild-able (sealed shocks) but for $70 I think I could live with that.
These are commonly used on Midgets and sprint cars.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what springs I'd need on a fat chick squareback?

Rear tire is Cooper Zeon RS3-A 245/50-16 on 944T manhole covers 8" et 52.5, 15mm spacers.
Under stock fenders only rolled lip, converted to single springplate and some minor shaving of bumpstop and TA plate to allow room.

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