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Earlier in this thread, I referenced struts made for VW Caddys as potential coil overs for a later suspension (74-79) Super. I put my money where my mouth is a bought a set for the suspension of my son's 1303. Made by Raceland from Germany. They're TUV approved and very well made.

Couple of issue using them however. One, I had to replace the inserts immediately as they come with shortened inserts which make the whole thing far too short for a Super. Second, I had to try three different brands of inserts before I found one I felt allowed enough threads to engage on the insert cap (uses the internal thread cap).

Add to that, I have the coil overs set at max height just to be at 2.5 inch lowered, which is about as low as you can effectively run the suspension.

I'm seriously considering redoing the suspension with the same struts but adding length to the tubes to be able to use 924/944 inserts so I will have the ability to have slightly less lowering.

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