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I question it is 'that much spring rate': as we agreed before, we still don't know how to compare rates, so maybe my springs aren't that stiff at all? FYI: My rear springs are the same-ish as 944-Cup springs when converted to coil-over only as per the website of Paragon Products. And those cars don;t have an engine in the rear...
So imo, my springs are relatively mild still for a circuit car, but thats just my opinion ;-)

Originally Posted by H2OSB View Post
Where do you get whiteline parts for a 1303? I thought they stopped selling parts for Supers. Is your 23mm front bar that new Kerscher/CSP bar?

At Whiteline themselves but I got it probably before they stopped selling parts for supers as you mention?. as I didn't know they stopped selling.
'75 Super.
...because race car!
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