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On my side of 'The Pond', if you're into drag racing, there are a gazillion shops with expertise and components to set you up in a blink. Open your mouth about HPDE, road racing or fast road use for a non-1302/1303 over here? All the great shock suppliers make everything in 2.5" body or 2.25" which won't fit the front of my balljoint beam equipped Ghia.

Dealing with some of the suppliers in Germany and such has been a challenge, and pricing was RIDICULOUS (no ill-will towards any one shop/person) for what should've been simple.

Fortunately I was turned on to ProTech in the UK who did an amazing job with their response time, and from what I can tell build quality of the 1.9" and 2.25" multi-way adjustable shocks for the Raketenhase Ghia.

Loooots of parts to start putting on!
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