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DOHC Subaru cutting help

1971 Standard Beetle and I am trying to fit a 2.0 Subaru EJ20K (DOHC, no variable valve timing, with turbo) and at the stage of trying to jam the engine into a too small body opening
It all sounded so easy when I bought the bits, and didn't catch the part about a single cam fits without cutting

Box is a 915 on a Bug@5speed mounting kit using a Kennedy adaptor plate. I am in Thailand so frame cutting to move the engine forward is not allowed. 944T aluminium arms on coil overs, 996/944 brakes, Turbo twist wheels, Imhor IFS

I have removed the rear apron for ease of access, but at this point it looks like there is no way that this engine is going to fit in there, and I am too far down the wormhole to turn back now.
Boxing in the rear firewall to clear the turbo and removing the inner fenderwell boxes in the engine compartment, is easy enough. It is amputating the tips of the inner fenders to clear the cams that is giving me cause.
Pics and comments would be greatly appreciated before I start cutting

Unfortunately a stockish look would seem to be impossible with the cutting required??

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