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Ok, this build is officially dead. I purchased a 68 Karmann Ghia convertible, that I'll start another build thread for. I still have the Mendeola Chassis and the Type 4 engine (sold the G50) ,that I will use for the Ghia, so it should still be interesting

To recap this build: I just took too long, and changed directions too many times. In hindsight, I should have completed the car in it's original form (V1) with just a porsche 901 5-speed and Type 4 engine, 15" fuch wheels w/generic brakes. Maybe even a Type 1 engine/trans to start.

Then planned V2/V3 upgrades for the bigger transmission, wheels, brakes, suspension, etc...

Overall, I ended up with a nice chassis/engine, so all is not lost.
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