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Originally Posted by Bill K.
Interesting mods all around. A couple questions from the engine picture:
1. Would you expect any performance issues if the #1/#2 header tubes were not clamped like you have them? Mine are not and freely slide...
2. Why isn't the crankcase breather box vented back to the carbs?
Thanks, Bill
Glad you find the mods interesting Actually, there wasn't enough room to lay it all down...
As to your q's: 1) No, no performance issues, they may just leak a bit over the slip joints if you won't clamp them. Actually they shouls be welded, but I wanted the option to use this header on another engine in the future, so I clamped them.
2) I never had a need to route the breather box to the intake. Some say the oily fumes make your octane rating go down and with 10,8 Compression ratio on pump gas, I didn't want to take chances for now.

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