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ya i FINALLY thought of a good way and im now gonna share what ive done and have come up with. here goes.... how you all like it and hoping some will find inspiration for what ive done to fit 2.5 dia. springs.
well i thought id post up my progress on the car. i was never happy with the way i originally made my lower shock brackets for my rear coilovers. so i decided that sine i have everything out of the car for a trans swap i figure it was time to make things right. i started off by making pockets in the irs arms to make more room for the 2.5 in springs. i then made lower shock mounts outta some tubing i got. big thanks to Pat Peet, Franz and John at kcw for the hook up on using the tubing bender. i made 2 45* bends then went from their. i now have lots of room so the springs wont bind up and im happy with this setup. on to the pics.

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