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Coil overs shocks

Hi everyone, concerning my rear suspension. please note, none of the pictures shown, are of my suspension. I have collected three sets of the 944 rear trailing arms, but time has moved on and I still have not completed anything. There was talk concerning the 6 cylinder Subaru engines being installed in VWs, with the deck lid down. On one of the threads I noted the use of what I believe are height clearance trailing arms, for something like dune buggies.
This typo of trailing arm is what I have collected.

However adding the coil over shocks has shown itself to be not been easily done. one of the reasons in my opinion is, the trailing arm already made in its configuration. And then adapting this trailing into a IRS beetle. Placement, and angle of alignment is problematic to say the least.

In this pic, of the off road trailing arm. I think because of the part being steel and its configuration, maybe its possible, to get that more correct alignment of the coil over shocks. This pic is from a person adapting the 6 cylinder into a earl bug. I think he may have hit on something, for me

adapting a shock mount and its alignment look more easily done with this trailing are, what do thing will be some of the hang ups?

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