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There are no question marks over the Porsche or VW a arm strength, steel or alloy, but again, the steel arms are more versatile for fabricating a decent double sheer lower shock mount as Dave has done on his rally replica, we all minimise the increased loads on them for racing by lateral thinking and tying the drive train down solid, the shock mount problem remains open to individual interpretation for your own requirement, the 6 cyl Subaru drivetrain will be well into the diminishing returns area with weight and complexity, drive shaft angles have already been compromised and it breaks my own KISS and lightweight rules, it's almost worth giving up on the rear engine layout and mid engining the whole deal, but I can't imagine the agenda for the project anyway other than a good road touring car, as it's easy for a 300 hp four banger rear engine VW motor in an 800kg Beetle to be an unbeatable missile that will out brake and out turn 400 hp in an 1100 kg build, at least as far as track use is concerned.
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