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Coil overs shocks

Spanners what are your views on the possibility's of designing and welding a double sheer mount onto the ali arms ? I know ali is difficult to weld but it is possible by the right person.Has anyone ever tried welding anything onto a Porsche arm ( I would imagine the casting is pretty good ? )

When my car goes off to have the gearbox cradle fabricated I want to add double sheer top mounts off the cage so whilst I am at it I may as well sort the bottom mount's out if its doable ?? the thought of shock mount bolts letting go is worrying to say the least.

Also Spanners what would YOU choose for coil overs with the scooby 4 cyl engine,no T.B's and uniball ? i.e. lengths,widths,lb's etc.(if I have to have the top mounts raised into inside the car then so be it, I am just interested in getting it set up as best as possible )

Lots of questions I know but your thoughts are always appreciated
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