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Quote : any installation problems such as misalignment, too short on travel and bump stops and/or bottoming out, or a bending moment applied to the shock body by contact with the a arm as it arcs upwards, a stack up of all these led to Dave's problem on his Porsche Salzburg car were he had to re design his shock mountings, but he overcame his with re engineering the lower mounting and a arm work.[/QUOTE]

Spanners do you think that by relocating the top mounts alone could solve the problems you mention above ? As I have the cage to tie into i have the option of fabricating/designing something.If this means having the top mounts inside the car then so be it.On the surface this seems to be an easier option rather than getting into fabricating and welding something onto the bottom of the ali arms ? This part of my build is something that does concern me and I do obviously want to get it right.The main thing thats holding me back on design is I don't have a clue about suspension geometry or any experience with any of this .
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