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Originally Posted by H2OSB View Post
He's still around, and will probably see this. Lanner's main issue is time. He does the VdubEngineering stuff on the side. I think he USED to have more time devoted to Vdub-ing, but he's moved to the other side of Canada and life got in the way. If it were up to him, he'd do VW modding full time, but he's got to support his family.

Although he would still do the 944 hub mod, he's come up with a better method of getting Porsche brakes on a Beetle spindle.

Good to hear! I actualy managed to get in contact with him at the end of last week. As for a better way of getting porsche brakes on a beetle spindle, got a link to where I can read up? I didnt see any other options on his website at least
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