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Stealth German Look??

Ok, I've been watching this thread for a while and decided to throw my two cents in....for what it's worth (probably less than 2 cents).
German Look/Euro look, the name means little to me. I like the no rules, go for the performance concept. I think Jak has that one down!
Here's my project that is a little more than half done:
'68 irs beetle, chrome strips removed, stock steel fenders, '73 tail lights (the flat ones, no not the clear ones!), front turn signals removed/filled, H4 headlights with driving lights and turn signals built in. Early euro blade bumpers because they are cleaner and less bulky.
902 Porsche 5 speed, I just screwed an old Hurst "T" handle on it (I miss my old muscle cars)!! That should mess up someones preconceived notions!
2.0L type 4 with 911 cooling, 10-1 compression, custom cam, many high tech coatings used in and on the engine, engine is built, I am currently building a header for it.
944 disk brakes, early, easy to mount, if I need more I will call Wilwood and go for the big stuff.
'82 911 SC seats
914 tach in the speedo hole
912 speedo in speaker panel
VDO ****pit gages to cover the other vitals
912 steel wheels/hubcaps with 195s in front and 205s rear
Looking at it you may think it is a Callook until you step closer and see what is really under the skin.
I'm about a year longer than I thought but still under the $6000 budget (until paint). I am fortunate to be able to do all the work myself (except engine machine work).
Things I'm thinking about-full roll cage, 1" sway bar to fit my 2" narrowed beam, racing buckets, OOPS there goes the budget!
To be quite blunt-if GL goes the way of Callook with rules, it will become the same boring cookie cutter type cars (I think that dead horse is starting to smell!).
Looks can be deceiving,
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