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Originally posted by Richie

Wider fenders would certainly hurt top speed. Take a look at the Ruf CTR, this was at one time the fastest road going car. This was also due to the narrow body Ruf used. If he had used the Turbobody is would have cost him certainly 15 km/h in top speed. But, do you really want to go 240 km/h in a bug?
My racecar lifted almost 10 cm ( about 4") at 210 km/h at the main straight. This was without any spoiler though, and 2" wider fenders. So.....

Yes, yes I do. There are some pretty fast cars around my neighborhood. Supercharged viper w/900 hp. A 9 second grand national. A 9 second mustang who's my neighbor. And one really fast 930 wide body which I have only seen once at a car show, garage queen. And yes I want to go 240 km/h at least just to beat those cars. What can I say, I have high expectations.
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